How do you find the area in Python?

#Area of the rectangle  width=int(input(“Enter the width of Rectangle: “)) height=int(input(“Enter the height of Rectangle: “)) area=width*height print(“area of Rectangle is”,area) output Enter the width of Rectangle: 5                                                                                                            Enter the height of Rectangle: 6                                                                                                                 area of Rectangle is 30 #Area of circle  PI=3.14 R=float(input(“Enter the Redious of circle: “)) area=PI*R*R print(“area of circle is”,area) output Enter the Redious of […]

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Analysis of Web Application Security Context in Nepal

This analysis will be finding out the website/web applications security level and to provide some basic guidelines for protecting our data from unauthorized users. Now a day’s context of Nepal many government sectors, as well as private-sector apps, lose the data. This research type project helps to find out the web security dimension needs to […]

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Information Security Audit

Security is the main concern of every business Era. Information Security audit which protects the user data and information using international rules and regulation. IS audit reduces the risk of confidential information leaks, increases control over any IT and cybersecurity unit and it also helps to create or improve any business process. Information Security audits […]

and Professional Issues in Information Security Lists

What is intellectual property, Trademark , Copyright,Patent ?

Intellectual property is an intrinsic property produced as a result of the artistic and creative works of the mind, which is then interpreted in a form that has a physical existence and possess exclusive property rights. Examples include images, symbols, names, designs, industrial processes, and business methods used in commerce; inventions; artistic, literary and musical […]

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Write a program to calculate simple interest in Python?

Python is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language. Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligences, Data Science Use Python Programming to produce desire output. To calculate Simple Intrest We used the following Mathematical  Formula. S.I=(P*T*R)/100 Where, S.I= Simple Intrest P= Principle Amount (eg Rs 200000) T= Time Period  (eg 3 Years ) R= Rate    ( eg 14%) […]

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What is E-Commerce discuss its advantages ?

Electronic commerce, commonly known as e-commerce, is a type of industry where buying and selling of products or services are conducted over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks. The way of doing business with the use of computer and communication technology has simplified the business procedure and increased efficiency. Combining with […]

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Virtual function and Polymorphism: C++

A member of a class that can be redefined in its derived classes is known as a virtual member. In order to declare a member of a class as virtual, we must precede its declaration with the keyword virtual. When a function is made virtual, C++ determines which function to be used at runtime based […]