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JavaScript Operators

Operators The operator itself is a keyword or symbol that does something to a value when used in an expression. For example, the arithmetic operator + adds two values together. The symbol is used in an expression with either one or two values and performs a calculation on the values to generate a result. For […]

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The full form of HTML is Hypertext Markup Language. It is used to create most web pages. There have been several versions of HTML since the Web began, and the development of the language is overseen by an organization called the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). Some stricter rules were added to HTML 4.01, creating […]

Types Of Cyber Crime 04
and Professional Issues in Information Security Lists

Electronic Transaction Act 2063

Legal provisions for authentication and regularization of the recognition, validity, integrity, and reliability of generation, production, processing, storage, communication, and transmission system of electronic records by making the transactions to be carried out by means of electronic data exchange or by any other means of electronic communications, reliable and secured. Objectives of the Electronic Transaction Act 2063 […]

Dark Web Lists

Dark Web and Deep Web

The creation of the world wide web and other search engines such as Google has made it easy to access information anytime. Most of this information is easily accessible on the surface web which is easily accessible through normal search engines. On the other hand, there are some websites that are not easy to access […]

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E-Government in Nepal

E-government is an idea raised by former U.S. vice president (Al Gore), within his vision of linking the citizen to the various agencies of government for getting all kinds of government services in an automated and automatic way,  in addition to the completion of the government working itself depending on information and communication networks to […]

Laravel Lists

What’s New Coming to laravel V7.18

Laravel is a free open-source PHP programming framework developed by Taylor Otwell. It Packages Based on Symfony. Laravel Uses the MVC (Model, View, Controller ) Pattern on architectural design. The Latest Laravel released Version 7.18 With the improvement of an HTTP client middleware method and view component attribute updates, along with the latest new features, […]

Data Center Lists

Data Center and Disaster Recovery Design guidelines

A data center, as defined in TIA/EIA-942, Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers is a building or portion of a building whose primary function is to house a computer room and its support areas. The main functions of a data center are to centralize and consolidate information technology (IT) resources, house network operations, facilitate business, and […]