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What are the applications of Java programming language?

Java is a purely an Object-Oriented programming language Java began life as the programming language called ‘OAK’OAK was developed in 1991 by the programmers of Sun Microsystem, Now owned by Oracle Inc. Oak developer team wanted a new way of computing, so they decided to make programming language to run in different kinds of computers, consumer devices and OAK got the new name called ‘Java’.The goal of java is “Write Once; run anywhere”. It is a platform-independent language. Java is inspired by C, C++ syntax.

Applications of Java

  • Embedded Systems such as consumer devices
  • Personal Computers
  • Distributed Systems
  • World Wide Web(Eg. Applet, JSP, etc)
  • Smart Phones, Mobiles

Java Editions

  • Java 2 Standard Edition(J2SE)- Used for standard desktop application development
  • Java 2 Enterprise Edition(J2EE)- Used for developing Web or Distributed applications
  • Java 2 Micro Edition(J2ME) – Used for application development for most of the featured mobile phones.

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