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Write a program to calculate simple interest in Python?

Python is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language. Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligences, Data Science Use Python Programming to produce desire output.

To calculate Simple Intrest We used the following Mathematical  Formula.



S.I= Simple Intrest

P= Principle Amount (eg Rs 200000)

T= Time Period  (eg 3 Years )

R= Rate    ( eg 14%)

# Python program to calculate simple interest

def simple_interest(P,T,R):
print(‘The principal is’, P)
print(‘The time period is’, T)
print(‘The rate of interest is’,R)

si = (P * T* R)/100

print(‘The Simple Interest is’, si)
return si

simple_interest(100000, 3, 12)


 # Output

The principal is 100000
The time period is 3
The rate of interest is 12
The Simple Interest is 36000.0  

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