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E-Government in Nepal

E-government is an idea raised by former U.S. vice president (Al Gore), within his vision of linking the citizen to the various agencies of government for getting all kinds of government services in an automated and automatic way,  in addition to the completion of the government working itself depending on information and communication networks to reduce costs,  improve performance,  speed of delivery and effectiveness of implementation. 

Components of E-government Program


Major challenges with E-Government implementation in Nepal


  • According to the e-Government Index, the Infrastructure Index and Infrastructure Position of the e-Participation Index are medium in Nepal. 
  • There are various challenges in the implementation of e-Government in Nepal. 
  • These challenges are like Low literacy rate, low per capita income, Poor infrastructure, Lack of Human Resources, Political Instability, Lack of Leadership and Commitment/Coordination, Limited Financial Resources, and Lack of Awareness/Training.
  • So, vision and objectives are required to implement effective e-Government in Nepal.

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