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What is management information system?

Management + Information + System System: A set of interrelated parts that must work together to achieve a common goal

    • Input
    • Process
    • Output
    • Feedback/ control/ evaluation
    • Information is meaningful data related to something
    • Management: Is an art & science of getting things done by and through people
    • Effectiveness (to achieve a goal)
    • Efficiency – Utilization
    • Profitability – Value

Information System: Information system is a system that arranges the components like people resources, software, Hardware, Data, and Network to produce meaningful information from the data by doing the process on it.

Major Components of Information System

  • People Resource

End Users/ Client

IT specialist

  • Software Resource

Program/ Procedures

  • Hardware Resource

Machines/ Media

  • Data Resource

Database/ Knowledgebase

  • Network Resource

Communication/ network support

Management Information System which arranges the different components like people, software, hardware, data, network to produce meaningful information or knowledge from data (raw materials) to support management for decision making. MIS deals with planning for development, management, and use of IT tools to help people perform all tasks related to information processing and management.

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