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What is authentication application?

Security is the main thing to keep our application robust and manage identically. Nowadays many application security is broken by national and international hackers.

The Application used to authenticate a user known as authentication application. Mainly Authentication app implements two-step verification services using the Time-based One-time Password Algorithm. Today’s authenticator app is used in Web hosting login, E-mail login, Large/small type of software application login, and Social media Login.


Microsoft Authenticator

Microsoft Product uses Microsoft authenticator to access its system like Hotmail.

Google Authenticator

Google Product uses google authenticator to access its system like Gmail, Google cloud,  google map, google business, etc.

Browser extension: Authenticator

Multi-platform: Twilio Authy 

Advantage of using Authentication App

1.Time-based one-time passwords using an authenticator which validates the user.

2. Avoid unauthorized access to the system.

3. It adds the security layer.

Authenticator Download links

Click Here Authenticator

Google Authenticator

Microsoft Authenticator

Twilio Authenticator



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