Artificial Intelligence

Crypto-Arithmetic Problem

It is a mathematical puzzle, where the numbers are represented by letters or symbols. Each letter represents a unique digit. The goal is to find the digits such that a given mathematical equation is verified.

In general, there are few variables in form of letters which is to be assigned numeric values in the range of 0 to 9, such that the given equation holds true value.


Here we are provided with the following information
There are seven distinct digits from 10 preliminary digits that are from [0-9]:A,B,S,E,LG,M

As we are just adding 2 numbers so possible carryovers are either 1 or 0
But, when we are adding B+B it gives us some carry that is greater than zero as both 4 digit numbers add up to form a five-digit number
Hence, G can’t be zero
So, G=1.

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