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What’s New Coming to laravel V7.18

Laravel is a free open-source PHP programming framework developed by Taylor Otwell. It Packages Based on Symfony. Laravel Uses the MVC (Model, View, Controller ) Pattern on architectural design. The Latest Laravel released Version 7.18 With the improvement of an HTTP client middleware method and view component attribute updates, along with the latest new features, […]

Feature Post

JavaScript Events

All browsers are expected to support a set of events known as intrinsic events such as the onload event, which happens when a page has finished loading,  onclick for when a user clicks on an element, and onsubmit for when a form is submitted. These events can be used to trigger a script. There are […]


HTTP Status Code

Hypertext Transfer Protocol status codes are issued by  Server response to their clients.Some of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol lists is mention below: Information Response Redirection messages Client error responses Server error responses Descriptions CODE MESSAGE   200 ok 204 No Content 2. Redirection messages 301 Moved Permanently 302 Found / Moved Temporarily 304 Not Modified 307 Temporary […]