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What do you understand by e-strategy?

The strategy is defined as a high-level plan to achieve one or more goals under certain and uncertain conditions.
Strategy in online business is also referred to as e-strategy and it covers all aspects of marketing, public relations,
advertising, media, strategic communication as well as online communication. The e-strategy for e-commerce
emphasizes how the web can support the business plan, to improve marketing simplify communication and processes
and to sell products and services online.
While defining an e-strategy, the following processes should be considered
– Discovery of customer information, analyzing opportunities, reviewing technologies
– Project planning, reviewing budget and schedules
– Content planning, review of existing content, analyzing new content
– Site layout, creating sitemap, navigation
Moreover, the e-strategy revolves around the four aspects of business
– Brand
– Technology
– Market
– Service

While defining e-strategy for a business, one has to understand what type of product and services they are selling,
what type of processes they employ in their business, what type of market they are doing business in, and what
type of decision-making process they are practicing. The pricing strategy is a different aspect that coordinates with
the economy and e-strategy may also need to integrate with external activities and technologies. So an e-strategy is
the integration of technology, brand, customer service, and meeting the needs of the market.

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