Write a C Program to count numbers of vowels and consonants?

write a c program to show the use of post and pre decrement function

/* using decrementer */
void main()
int i,j;
int x,y;
j = i=6;
printf(” initial value i = %d\n”, j);
x = i–;
printf(“x= i–, value of x = %d, and value of i = %d\n”, x,i);
i = j;
y = –i;
printf(“initial value i = %d\n”, j);
printf(“y = –i, value of = %d, and value of i = %d\n”, y,i);

initial value i = 6
x= i–, value of x = 6, and value of i = 5
initial value i = 6
y = –i, value of = 5, and value of i = 5

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