and Professional Issues in Information Security Security

Ransomware Virus Attack ? How it works | How to Be Safe From Ransomware

‘Ransomware’ is a type of malware that attempts to extort money from a computer user by infecting and taking control of the victim’s machine or the files or documents stored on it. • Typically, the ransomware will either ‘lock’ the computer to prevent normal usage, or encrypt the documents and files on it to prevent […]

and Professional Issues in Information Security

FCAPS (fault-management, configuration, accounting, performance, and security)

FCAPS categorizes the working objectives of network management into five levels. The five levels are fault-management (F), the configuration level (C), the accounting level (A), the performance level (P), and the security level (S). FCAPS is the ISO Telecommunications Management Network model and framework or network management. FCAPS is an acronym for fault, configuration, accounting, […]

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Electronic Transaction Act 2063

Legal provisions for authentication and regularization of the recognition, validity, integrity, and reliability of generation, production, processing, storage, communication, and transmission system of electronic records by making the transactions to be carried out by means of electronic data exchange or by any other means of electronic communications, reliable and secured. Objectives of the Electronic Transaction Act 2063 […]

and Professional Issues in Information Security Lists

Information Security Audit

Security is the main concern of every business Era. Information Security audit which protects the user data and information using international rules and regulation. IS audit reduces the risk of confidential information leaks, increases control over any IT and cybersecurity unit and it also helps to create or improve any business process. Information Security audits […]

and Professional Issues in Information Security Lists

What is intellectual property, Trademark , Copyright,Patent ?

Intellectual property is an intrinsic property produced as a result of the artistic and creative works of the mind, which is then interpreted in a form that has a physical existence and possess exclusive property rights. Examples include images, symbols, names, designs, industrial processes, and business methods used in commerce; inventions; artistic, literary and musical […]