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C Language 1)     Define C-language. Ans: C-language is a structured programming language that divides the program into many functions. 2)     When and who developed C-language? Ans: Dennis Ritchie at Bell telephone laboratory-developed C-language in 1972 AD. 3)     Why is C called middle level language? Ans: C is called middle-level language because it combines elements of […]

C++ Program Examples

C++ Program Examples | Restaurant Menu Program & Simple Calculator

C++ Program Examples. This question is once asked in “Nepal Programmers Community”, Programmers Official Community. I have solved the problems and provided the answers here with code.  I hope, this will help you to understand how to solve these problems in C++ using functions. Program Code for Question 1. #include<iostream> #include<conio.h> #define B 200; #define […]