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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Morden Branch of computer science the terminology “Artificial Intelligence” mostly uses an innovative solution.  AI define as the ability to perform tasks in a complex environment without constant guidance by a human and the ability to improve performance by learning from experience.

Every nature of the term “AI” asking the logical question where intelligent behavior implies or requires the existence of the mind and to what extent is consciousness replicable as computational.

We use different mathematical formulas to implement AI like Predicate logic, Fuzzy logic, Network logic. AI Also use Statistics for Regression Analysis.

The strong definition of AI is the combination of Machine Learning, Data Science, Deep Learning to produce the attribute like autonomy and adaptivity of any natural language processing, information retrieval, and reasoning processing instructions and predicting consequences of potential actions for Generating auto intelligence.

Field of AI

A.Machine Learning (ML)

Machine Learning is the subset of AI which works depend on the algorithm Data set and past experience. Example: Image Recognition, Speech Recognition, Medical Diagnosis, Prediction forecast system.

B. Data science

Data Science includes machine learning and statistics, certain aspects of computer science including algorithms, data storage, and web application development. Data science is also a practical discipline that requires an understanding of the domain in which it is applied in, for example, business or science: its purpose (what “added value” means), basic assumptions, and constraints. Data science solutions often involve at least a pinch of AI.

C. Deep Learning

Deep learning is the subset of AI which works using Neural networks. It things the same as the human brain. Example of Deep learning is Automated driving, Aerospace, and Defense, etc.

Type of Artificial Intelligence

  1. Narrow Artificial Intelligence

Narrow Artificial Intelligence uses the previous dataset .example Google search, Image recognition software, Siri, Alexa, and other personal assistants.

2.Strong AI 

Strong AI is a type of machine intelligence that is equivalent to human intelligence. example:  robots.

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